Delivery Information

Express Delivery
Currently suppliers can choose from the following express shipping options: UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT, EMS, TOLL, e-EMS, ePacket, China Post Registered Air Mail, China Post Air Parcel, China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus, HongKong Post Air Mail, HongKong Post Air Parcel, Singapore Post, Swiss Post, Sweden Post, Russian Air, Special Line-YW, DHL Global Mail and S.F. Express etc.

Since the shipping methods are set up by the suppliers, you are advised to directly contact the supplier for more shipping information. Or When you place an order, you can note the delivery information to the supplier. To contact the supplier, you may tap on Online Chat or mail to to get a message.

Sign Notice

The parcel should be checked and received by yourself. If the problem is not caused by your signature, you need to be responsible for it.

Scope and Cost

The shipping cost depends on the item `s weight(g) . The weight(g)  of the item is shown in the specifications of the products. This data is officially verified and there is no fake data.

The shipping cost within these ranges are as follows:

≦245g : $6.00 ;  ≦700g: $7.50 ;  ≦1000g: $8.25 ;  ≦1500g: $12.00 ;  ≦2000g: $13.50 ;
≦3500g: $15.00 ;  ≦5000g: $21.00 ;  ≦50000g: $30.00 ;  ≦99999g: $75.00

Note :  The shipping cost is decided by the Express Company.