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Privacy Policy

    Scope of the privacy policy:

     This includes how the VStarcam mall handles the personally identifiable information that users leave when logging into their websites and servers, as well as other identifying information that is shared with business partners.

    Information collection and use:

   When you register for an VStarcam mall account, use other products or services, visit the VStarcam mall page, or participate in a promotion, VStarcam Mall collects your personally identifiable information.

    When you register for an VStarcam store account, we will ask for your name, email address, date of birth, gender, zip code, occupation, industry and personal interests. As long as you successfully register in the VStarcam mall and log in to the server, we will be able to identify you.

    VStarcam Mall will automatically receive and record information on your browser and server logs, including your IP address, information in the VStarcam mall cookie, and the web history you need.

    VStarcam Mall will use this information to: improve the advertising and web content provided to you, to meet your needs for a certain product or to inform you of the latest product information.

    Information disclosure and sharing:

    VStarcam Mall will not rent or sell your personally identifiable information to anyone.

    Except for the following:

    You agree to let the third party share the information;

    Only by revealing your personal information can you provide the products and services you request;

    We need to provide information to companies that provide products or services on our behalf (unless we notify you otherwise, these companies do not have access to your identification information);

    Send you information about different products and services;

    We need to follow court summons, legal orders or follow legal procedures;

    We have found that you have violated the VStarcam mall terms of service or any other products and services.


     VStarcam Mall will set or access the VStarcam store cookie on your computer.

    VStarcam Mall allows companies that post advertisements on our web pages to set or access cookies on the user's computer. Other companies will use cookies in accordance with their own privacy policy and not this policy, they cannot use the VStarcam mall's cookies.

    VStarcam Mall uses web beacons to access our website to extract cookies when doing work related to its products and services.