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Service policy

If you have any questions, you can contact our online customer service or call the 400-602-9990 customer service hotline.

Return and replace policy

Return policy

According to the following conditions, You can request a replacement.

1. When the customer receives the package, he needs to open the bag in front of the delivery  staff , and find out if the goods has a quality problem;

2. The actual delivery of the goods is very different from the description of the website.

3. Replacement process: the customer asks the delivery staff to return the goods and then contact us. We will reship the goods for you, and the arrival time of the goods will be postponed.

The following conditions may be required to return.

1. Within two days after receiving the goods, the customer finds that the goods have obvious manufacturing defects;

2. The goods have been replaced once but still have quality problems;

3. The goods have not been received for 30 days after the promised delivery due to human reasons.

4. Return process: the customer need to contact with us within two days of receiving the package, and we will return your payment in three days from the bank.

We have the right to reject the customer's request for return or replacement in the following situations.

1. If the goods are damaged, but the delivery staff are not required to replace them on the spot when receiving the goods;

2. Return or exchange requirements exceeding the time limit for return or replacement of goods;

3. Incomplete return or replacement of goods or damaged appearance;

4. Customer shipping documents are missing or incomplete;

5. Products are not available from VStarcam online Store;

6. There is no quality problem of the goods itself.

Return and Replacement process

Vstarcam Customer service instructions

Dear Customer:

     Thanking for supporting Vstarcam products! Sorry for inconvenience caused by your use. In order to be better and more efficient for your service, Our company has developed a specification for repair process. Please kindly note it.

1. It is suggested that before confirming if the product needs to be returned to the factory,  you can contact the customer service(Hotline : 400- 602 -9990 / QQ: 400-621-7868 ) to troubleshoot the problem or check the product problem in the agent store to see if it needs to be returned to the factory.  

2. If you return to the factory for repair, please kindly note the Notice of the return factory

The delivery address

The First floor, G Building,

Jiangxia Tech Park,Luozu community,Shiyan,Baoan,Shenzhen P.C.: 518055

Phone  numbers: 0755- 2673- 6182- 585

To: The maintain department

Other instructions

1. Attached is a piece of paper with the breakdown, detailed address, contact number, name and email address of your products, and a list of items returned to the factory.  

For example

2. In addition to power supply, other parts (bracket/screw/instruction/etc.) do not need to be returned to the factory to reduce maintenance time. Note: the power supply is best returned to the factory together to find out the cause of failure.

3. Please choose the "door-to-door" express service for returned products. It is not recommended to use surface mail or registered mail. In case of delay in receiving time , it cannot be handled in time, and our company does not have the service of picking up parcels to the express delivery company. Note: please note that we refuse to freight collect .  

For example

Customer service instructions

1. The Customer service of VStarcam one-year warranty is available for quality reasons.  

2. One year Warranty: Within 12 months from the date of purchase, when the user encounters any non-human fault during the use of the machine, the machine cannot work normally. You can contact Vstarcam customer service and enjoy free warranty service. Once we confirm the camera is fault , we will send new one to customer again . The customer dont need to send back the fault one to us. 

3. The purchase of the machine for more than one year shall be subject to material fees and labor fees (the charging standards shall be implemented according to the requirements of the state price department).